Food is a product of passion, and with passion we achieve quality.
with quality, we can create the best eating experience


We rely on passion for everything we do.With passion, we constantly give our best effort to bring satisfaction to our customers.


Quality is never easy to achieve. We are constantly researching and sourcing best quality products to ensure you and your loved ones are getting only the best food that are also safe for your health. We have a simple principle – if isn’t good for us, it wouldn’t be good for our customers.


We have proven to be consistently reliable in providing service to our customers and we will continue to do so. We may not be the biggest player in the market, but we care so much for our customers.



We offer the widest range of choices for each product category. We want to delight you with the ability to customize orders according to your specific needs.



For more than thirty nine years, Subur Arta Utama has earned the reputation as one of the top meat distributors in Jakarta. We specialize in providing high quality, tender, great tasting meat for all kinds of food-related businesses ranging from restaurants, supermarkets, caterings, hotels or even individuals. We are proud to say that we stand behind some of the greatest names in the market and we only source the best quality products for our customers.

As time goes by, our passion for food product grows more and more. From dairy products to confectionery, from tender beef to various snacks, Subur Arta Utama has been known as the reliable source of quality food supplies for all your needs.

Good food comes
from good sources.

We fly directly fresh meat from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan; while also supporting local farmers by distributing high quality local meat. We bring in confectionery goods from Japan and frozen fruits from Canada, sourcing good food from their origins. And we are not stopping there. We are constantly on the lookout for more quality driven foods for our customers needs.


Our ambition is to be recognized as the source
and the specialist of high quality food in Indonesia.


These are the steps we take to achieve our ambition.

• Providing only the highest quality of food
• Giving only the best service to our customers
• Providing the widest selection of products to meet
our customers’ varying needs



Passion is the core of it all, from which we collectively draw our strength as a company. Everything we do is driven by passion,
which fuels our dedication to produce and distribute a wide range of top quality food supplies for all types of businesses and customers.


We can be reached anytime at or visit our office at :


Pergudangan Bizpark 2,
Jalan Raya Penggilingan Blok A no 21.
Pulogadung. Jakarta Timur.
Telp: +62-21-29832218
Fax:  +62-21-29832217

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