What is ‘Hidagyu’ ?

Among the Japanese black Wagyu farmed in Gifu, this title is given only to the beef which clears strict criterion such as meat quality grade, fattening period, etc.

The cattle are raised with extreme care by each producer and surrounded by bountiful nature with clear streams, making ‘Hidagyu’ smooth and tender and carning it a reputation for its melt-in-your mouth texture and delicious taste.


As regards as serving ideas, it is very delicious in stewed dishes as well as Japanese dishes such as Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu, not to mention as a steak or from a barbecue.


Gifu Prefecture Hida Ranch

Rich Natural Environment

Gifu prefecture is blessed with a rich natural environment. Its clear water, rich earth, and clean air provide the best environment for raising Wagyu cattle.


Superior Production Technology

Including taking first prize at an expo, ‘Hidagyu’ has been garnering praise at nationwide expos. It can be said that this is the results of efforts to improve breeding programs down through the years, and of the superior raising techniques of the cattle farmers.


Thorough Quality Control

Key characteristic of Hidagyu include its fine mesh-like marbling and the bright pink color of the meat. In addition to the quality, hygiene management and information disclosures are carried out throughly.

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